VitesOn Mixed Content Websites

First Things First

Having taken greater than zero classes in college which involve argumentation (including but not limited to English 101), I have an overwhelming need to define my terms.

Mixed Content Website
A website serving multiple genera of content
Genera of Content
A form of content of a single purpose and audience. eg, software projects and travel blogs are different genera
Content Repository
Where the data served is presented to the user
What this rant is not. Argumentation is supported with facts, connected with logic, to reach a conclusion

What are you reacting to?

Non-trivial amounts of websites have, as their defualt view. Presuming you have an account, you've seen Facebook's post-login page. You've anything anyone's ever said in the center, with some product placement interspersed. There's plenty of problem I have with the rest of the site and the lack of comprehensible navigation, but that's for another day. Here I'm reacting to the utter hodgepodge of content in the middle, and the general problem that as a content repository exhibits.

What's wrong with it?

These sorts of websites will have a single landing page, and no obvious method to get to what you wnat. I liken this to a magazine which aggegates Popular Mechanics, Home and Garden, and Maxim. Some of it is interesting some of the time, sure, but when I want to know what the home of the future looks like, I don't want to know how to keep up the home of today's shubbery. When I'm looking for the latest trends in geraniums, I am less interested in transistor radios. If I'm going to look up politics, I'm more interested in what the pundits say than what the person whose technical expertise I respect has to say.

This problem is not purely related to Facebook. Blogs often contain hard content such as technical documentation, interspersed with soft content, such as social commentary. There's certainly a place for both, however they are discrete places. I'm following your biting social satire, sure, I don't honestly care that you are the best ever at plumbing gas lines and have received many accolades for the relevant professional organization. And vice versa. Even if I homestly do care, I'm not interested in both at once.

You're taking yours down then?

Of course not. The multi-content portion is not the content repository. The multi-content part is a simple, concise navigatory aid to the content you came looking for. Once you've reached the rants page, for example, you no longer have to come back to the main one. You've just got rants, and the occasional raving—different degrees of the same thing, really. A non-self-aggregandizing example would be Instructables. You visit the main page, and are presented with groupings. These groups are each associated with a landing page unique from the others, so you never have to see the outdoors ones when you're interested in cooking 'hacks'.

In short...

Feel free to mix up your content store (your database or whatnot), but don't make me see all of it without an option to start focused in on what I want to see. Otherwise the amount of that grows less each time.